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Staff Reference

We are very excited about how God is preparing to impact the lives of each camper coming to camp this summer through our summer staff team. Your reference will help us create life-changing camp experiences for hundreds of kids and we want to thank you for taking time to submit it.


While we hope you will be able to respond to all the questions included we prefer to have you answer only those you can do so with confidence.


All information provided will be held in confidence.


You will not be able to save your responses before submitting your reference.


Contact us at info@baysidecamp.org if you have any questions regarding this reference form or would like to speak with someone directly please about the applicant.



Applicant Information

Please Note: Applicants authorize the release of the disclosed reference information by the person completing the reference, and waive any right or privilege to inspect or challenge its contents, understanding that this information will be held in strict confidence by Bayside Camp and that it will not be released to anyone without permission, except when such disclosure is required by law.

Reference Information

Please indicate that you have read and agree with the following

I have been asked by the applicant listed to submit this reference.
I agree to provide information that is current and correct, to the best of my knowledge.
I understand that this reference will be held in strict confidence.


How long have you known the applicant?
In what capacity/relationship?

How well do you know the applicant? Not WellFairly WellVery Well

Have you observed the applicant in the role for which he/she is applying? YesNo

If yes, how well did the applicant manage his/her responsibilities?

Comment on the applicant's love for children and youth, including their ability to relate to them:
To your knowledge, has the applicant received Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord? YesNo

How long has the applicant been a Christian?
What evidence have you observed of the applicant's spiritual maturity and relationship with Jesus?
Describe the applicant's commitment and involvement in their church:
What strengths would the applicant bring to this position?
What characteristics of the applicant do you feel need further work or development?
Describe any limitations you are aware of that might restrict the applicant's participation and service at camp:
Would you be pleased to have your own children in the care of this individual? YesNo

Would you recommend this applicant for the position(s) for which he / she has applied? YesNo

Indicate the appropriate rating that best describes the applicant:

1=Poor / 3=Average / 5=Excellent

Spiritual Life

Spiritual example 12345

Love for other 12345

Christian values 12345

Spiritual maturity 12345

Christian witness 12345

Use of spiritual gifts 12345

Personal devotions and prayer 12345

Personality, Character and Health

Confidence 12345

Emotional stability 12345

Self-control 12345

Reputation 12345

Integrity 12345

Support of Rules 12345

Use of time 12345

Health and vitality 12345

Resistance to illness 12345

Ability to pace oneself 12345

Leadership and Work Habits

Work ethic 12345

Ability to be corrected 12345

Initiative 12345

Leadership 12345

Reliability 12345

Judgment 12345

Commitment 12345

Support of leadership 12345

Response to authority 12345

Heart for ministry 12345

Ability to communicate 12345


Attitude toward others 12345

Consideration of others 12345

Team player 12345

Cooperativeness 12345

Compassion and empathy 12345

Ability to forgive 12345

Conflict resolution 12345

Respected by peers 12345

Social maturity 12345

Please indicate that you have read and agree with the following:

I understand that someone from the camp may call and confirm anything contained in this reference, as well as to discuss my reference further. YesNo

I have further comments regarding this applicant and / or my reference. Please call me. YesNo

Thank you again for taking time to complete this reference.