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In requesting membership in the Association of Bayside Camp and Retreat Centre, I confirm that I meet the qualifications for membership found in Section 3.01 of the Bylaws: a) A personal profession of faith in Jesus for salvation; b) A personal witness of obediently following Jesus; c) A member of good standing of a church in an Affiliation listed below; d) Of the ages of Majority in the Province of Nova Scotia (19 years of age) Section 1.01 of the Bylaws defined Evangelical Church: "Evangelical Church" means a local, organized and gathering community of Christians, who, regard the Bible as the Word of God and are devoted to its teachings; acknowledge through their teaching, preaching and practice the saving sacrifice of Christ; recognize the need for a personal profession of faith in Christ for salvation and service; and, actively seek to participate in the ministry of Christ within their spheres of influence. The Church of which I am a member is Affiliated with:
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