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Why Bayside Camp?


With so many to choose from, our activities are a great way to try new things, or practice an old skill. Our trained staff are there to guide the way!


Each year we have an amazing theme with games and events all through the week to make every experience one filled with lasting memories!


We want camp to feel like coming home! We work hard to make sure that each and every camper is welcomed into the Bayside Community!


Bayside Camp has been providing life-impacting camp experiences since 1953! It’s our privilege to continue to honour that heritage as we serve our community.


Our staff are some of the best in all of Atlantic Canada! We provide a minimum of 9 full days of training every summer!


Located on almost 500 acres, the new Bayside Camp was built less than 10 years ago. With fully winterized, comfortable accommodations and spaces it’s perfect for our campers and guests!

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2019 Camp Sessions


SURGE ONE  — July 1 to 5$365 + HST

SURGE TWO — July 14 to 19$415 + HST

SURGE THREE — July 28 to August 2$415 + HST

SURGE FOUR — August 11 to 16$415 + HST


PRIME WEEKEND — August 16 to 18$150 + HST


QUEST — July 24 to 26 — $200 + HST


SPARK ONE — July 7 to 12 — $405 + HST

SPARK TWO — August 4 to 9 — $405 + HST

VENTURE — July 24 to 26 — $200 + HST

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Parent Info


+ Cabin Life

At Bayside Camp we want our campers to feel safe and comfortable during their stay. All of our cabins are staffed by a Senior and Junior Leader to guide them throughout the week.

These leaders are specifically chosen and trained to create lasting memories together as a cabin group, leading in activities, discussion and facilitating the Bayside Camp experience.

All of our staff undergo an extensive interview, training and appropriate record checks prior to being hired.

+ Activities

archery // climbing tower // canoeing // low elements // nature discovery // maker space // drama // soccer // gaga ball // volleyball // aqua park and many more!

Theres so much to do at BAYSIDE CAMP!

+ Facilities

Our new facility in Sambro Head features comfortable, equipped facilities, a fantastic lodge overlooking Third Pond, and amazing activity options with up to date equipment for your child to enjoy. Each of our beautiful cabins has two bathrooms so there’s no late night walks! Facilities and equipment are inspected constantly and kept in check with all applicable regulations.

+ Christian Content

At Bayside Camp we welcome guests from all faiths and walks of life.

We aim to create a non-threatening environment where your child can explore questions of faith and discover the story of God’s amazing love for them.

Each day features a Worship at the Cove session with upbeat engaging music and age appropriate teaching.

There is also Cabin Connection time where cabin groups can ask questions about what they’ve heard or experienced during the week.

+ Health and Safety

At Bayside Camp, health and safety is a top priority. We want each child to feel safe and secure so that they can fully enjoy their time at camp. We ask each camper to fill out a detailed medical form, as well as check in personally with our trained First Aid and Nursing staff upon arrival. Prescriptions, medications, allergies, and any other concerns are taken care of so that you can rest easy, we believe in keeping very open communication with parents regarding any health or behavioural issues.

+ Food and Diet

Food is always one of the most important parts of camp and we believe in providing quality food and plenty of it! Following the Canada Food Guide healthy and delicious home-style meals are prepared daily and served cafeteria style. Vegetarian and gluten free options can be provided, and we seek to meet special needs. While we cannot guarantee a nut free facility, Bayside makes every effort to be nut-free in our kitchen and tuck shop and asks all guests and campers to help by not bringing any nut products on site.

+ Cabin Mate Requests

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CORE Leadership

A three week intensive leadership training program for grades 8,9 and 10 (completed).

Leadership labs, service rotations and practical spiritual learning to engage your heart and mind!

CORE ONE // July 1 - 19 // $465 + HST

CORE TWO // July 28 - Aug 16 // $465 + HST

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Check out some awesome videos from the summer so far!

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